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Have you ever had that moment when you saw a great link on Facebook or Twitter and when you went to tell a friend about it days later you couldn't find it anymore? Well that's what this project is all about. 44 Lizards loves Likeable Content and that's why all these links are on the homepage. So check back every so often to see what's new. You'll be sure to always have something to show your friends.

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44 Lizards LLC is based in Boston, MA and is the sole proprietorship of Ian Venskus.

The idea is designed to focus on relevant content about your brand and the world in general. Anything that is entertaining or informational about your brand is the content produced by 44 Lizards LLC.

Strategy and Interactive are at the core, with the belief that brands are becoming entertainment platforms, and not just contained to marketing and advertising channels. To entertain the consumer with information about the brand is extremely important. It's not just social media, the website, and a magazine ad. It's all media. To encompass a consumer with a total brand experience is what 44 Lizards LLC is here to do. To entertain, to inform and to create relevant content.